3 Inch Small Succulent Pots Gift Set – 4 Pack



  • 🌵 [ Exemplary Design & Finish ] Succulent plant pots are made of high quality durable ceramic material. The classic blue ceramic pots with boho floral design element on flower pots will spruce up your space and will certainly add a new life to the decor.The bamboo tray perfectly contrasts with the pot.
  • 🌵 [ Drainage Hole & Bamboo Trays ] Premium quality ceramic material is breathable and comes with hole for drainage, which allows proper water drainage and air circulation at the bottom. Hence the roots and plants remain healthy. Easily removable bamboo tray helps keep your surface clean and prevent spillage.The tray is easy to clean and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • 🌵 [ Minimalist Size ] The minimalist size of the pot makes it easy to adorn any space like window sill, open shelf, floating shelf, balcony, office desk etc. Plants like Snake plant, Succulents, Aloe, Jade, Herbs etc can grow easily in the pots with ample space for roots to expand and grow healthy.
  • 🌵 [ Perfect Gift ] : The succulent pots can be the perfect gift for your loved ones and plant lovers. It comes in elegant packaging with Daisy & Olive branding .The pots are environment friendly and can be a good choice over plastic pots. The plants in these pots can help in purifying the air around and air clean.
  • 🌵 [Packaging ] The succulent pots are delivered in a soft foam tucked inside an elegant branded white box with Daisy and Olive branding .The foam wrap around the pots prevents breakage and chipping during the time of transit. Hence it reduces the probability of damage.


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